Why OK GO is to Blame for This Blog

The idea for to create a blog that allows me to explore sources of my inspiration came to me while I was cycling 90+ RPMs at the gym.

I was panting, sweating and looking anything but refined when the band OK-Go’s song “Here It Goes Again” started playing on my iPOD.  I wish I could go the hipster route and tell you that I’ve been a fan of the groups before they made it big.  But the truth of it is, I heard the band originally from Chicago the first time while trying to master the previous mentioned song in Garage Band on the Wii.

It wasn’t until much, much later that I even saw their video for the song, even though I had seen many of the copycat versions.  It is an elaborate dance performed on treadmills which was directed and choreographed by Trish Sie, who is also the sister of the groups front man Damian Kulash.

Within seven days of the July 31, 2006 release date, the video  was viewed by over one million people on YouTube.  The video took the Most Creative 2006 YouTube Award and on February 2007, OK Go and Trish Sie won a Grammy award for “Best Short-Form Music Video.”

The interesting thing about the group and its YouTube fame is that it was their solution to a conflict with their studio.  According to The Art of Doing by husband and wife team Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield, OK Go felt that they needed to communicate with their fans in a new way.  They didn’t want to use their record company’s outdated “mode of publicity, they decided to tell their story their own way.”

In “Fans, Friends and Followers” by Scott Kirsner , Damian Kulash state that the videos weren’t created with the intent to “”A-ha, this will get people to buy our records.’ It has always been our position that the reason you wind up in a rock band is you want to make stuff. You want to do creative things for a living.”

In 2010, and within a week after they released “This Too Shall Pass” via the Internet, the band parted ways with their record label, EMI.  An article explained that “after long-running disputes over their video promotion (for instance, EMI stopped their “Here It Goes Again’ video from being embedded long after it became one of the most-watched videos in YouTube history), and other disputes with the label”, the band decided to form their own enterprise, a homemade upstart called Paracadute.

The group continues to create things, including videos, collaborative art projects, and even their own smartphone app.

So, why was I dwelling on this during my sweat session? Well, other than watching people running on the treadmills to the song playing on my iPod, three items popped into my head:

1) Find creative inspiration around you by finding new ways to shape your story.

2) Creativity is pulled from various sources and it’s not always the tried and true practices that work.

3) Perhaps I just need a place to pull in all my inspirations and write about them rather than just kicking them around in my head.

And that is exactly how this was developed.  It is a way to actively seek and write about the little sparks of creativity, passion but also mish mash some of my thoughts, readings and studies.


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