About Me

Slightly impulsive, overly idealistic and way to reliant on the seat of my pants is how I have lived my life up until this moment. I regret nothing.

My four years of filmmaking in college at the North Carolina School of the Arts did not prepare me for the ten years I spent behind the camera at local news stations in Las Vegas and Portland, Oregon. Rather it is my love of learning, ability to wedge myself into tight places and an utter fascination with emerging communication techniques I blame for launching a roller coaster career that took me from production assistant to promotion producer to website designer to blogging to B&B owner. Hopefully, the next stop is author.

My transient nature has taken me all over the United States, including: Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, New York, and Oregon.

I currently reside in Gibsons, BC, Canada with a supportive husband and a spoiled rotten cat, Random.