What’s On Your “Get Pumped” Playlist?

What gets you pumped? What do you listen to? I started thinking about my “go to” music playlist after reading an article on Seahawks.com. One of the newer members of the team, running back Freddy Jackson, offered up the five songs that get him pumped up for game time. Jackson, who will wear no. 22,…… Continue reading What’s On Your “Get Pumped” Playlist?

I Suffer From Creative Guilt: Why It’s Okay to Be Creative

“Why 4am?”

My early morning routine has been called into question several times, mostly by my confused night owl friends. They can’t understand the compulsion to wake up bright and early to write, read or just fill my creative tank.

I get up early because no one else is up. I get up because no one is sending me emails or hijacking my agenda for their own needs. I get up because my muse is early riser.

All true.

However, the real reason I get up early is because I suffer from creative guilt . . . a painful, soul-crushing disease that makes devalues how I choose to express myself.

Winning the Morning Battle – My Hour of Power

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” Habits, defined as an action one performs on a daily basis automatically without having to conscientiously think about it, are powerful things. They can turn actions into attitudes and attitudes into a lifestyle that is difficult to alter or give up.  It…… Continue reading Winning the Morning Battle – My Hour of Power