The Hair Update: 5 Weeks

Today marks five weeks. Five weeks since I stopped washing my hair.

I say “stopped washing” but I think it is really “stopped using shampoo.” I still rinse it with hot water to loosen oils. Using a plastic brush in the shower, I work the oils down to the ends. It’s the best way I have found to share the wealth of the oils.

So, what does my hair look like?

The one on the right was from two weeks in. This was before I started brushing in the shower and I was still going through shampoo treatment detox. It was a bit oily. If I put it up in a bun or ponytail, it looked like I had slicked it down with hair product. NOTE: Day 5 and 12 were the hardest. So, I was actually happy here for I felt like I was rounding a curve.

The picture on the left was from June 4, or about four weeks in. I have days where the hair is a bit more oily, or frizzy. But in general, not to bad. In short, if I put it up in a bun, tendrils do fall from it.

I’m not going to lie. Not only is it an exercise in patience, but it is also about letting go of some of the things I thought were important. Stepping back and reevaluating what is presented to me through society and media, and what I value.

I feel too often we are told we have to look younger, have fuller hair and dye it to keep it rich. We are given conflicting information on how it should be easy by just buying this shampoo, but that it should like you spent a million dollars on it (which, if you are going in to get your hair dyed every 45 days or so for the majority of your 40s – you did).

I value less chemicals in my body (and on it). I value saving the planet from plastic bottles (including shampoo). And I don’t want to spend valuable daylight time curling and adding product to my hair that I will just wash out the next day.

It has been a detox for my hair . . . and for me.

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