Arch or Staircase? How Do You See Life?

I must admit that I have become obsessed with staircases.

While out walking, I often pause and take a quick snap of the steps I find. They may be wooden and wore or concrete and crumbling. Each has a story to tell. Each has a purpose.

Each reminds me of life.

I owe my recent awareness of staircases to the legendary Jane Fonda. In her book, “Prime Time” (2011), Fonda talks about how we are living longer than ever and yet we are still living with the “old paradigm of age as an arch.” That we reach a certain level of greatness before it all starts going downhill.

Like Fonda, I am not sure that works for me. In fact, Fonda went on to state that staircases are a continuous ascension. That we continue, as humans, to learn, grow and step into wholeness. In short, aging gives us the chance to become the person we were meant to be.

This I can get behind. I don’t think our current status, perspective or even circumstances is permanent. I think we are able to adapt, change and do better as we learn more.

Every staircase I pass; every set of steps that give me pause, are just reminders of greatness to come.

So, how do you see life?

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