Reduce Single-Use: Beeswax Wraps Over Paper Sleeves

Who doesn’t love the rich, buttery, flakiness of a croissant freshly out of the oven? I am a sucker for fresh baked goods.

Unfortunately, it causes this inner conflict within me between my adoration for pastries and my avoidance of single-use containers. Unless you specify “for here”, it will more often than not come in a paper sleeve. And, depending on the place (like a farmer’s market), a paper sleeve may be the only way.

A paper sleeve? Where’s the harm in that?

Check the trash can on your way out and notice how many harmless paper sleeves never even make it out of the square footage of the bakery. And that is only one snapshot of the short-lived paper sleeve. It occurs every day. Day in. Day out.

But what would happen if everyone took one less sleeve? If they enjoyed their bagel or croissant on the premise — on a plate?

There are times I am only on a break or heading into the office. For those times, I carry beeswax wraps with me. The person helping me just places the lovely goodie on top and I am able to wrap it, seal it and carry it to my destination to eat it — guilt-free.

I also have containers with lids in my car and office desk drawer for the messier baked goods such as cinnamon rolls or cupcakes.

And if you think one less paper sleeve isn’t going to make a difference, or that the little things we can do daily don’t make an impact, try sleeping on a king bed with my cat Random.

Little things can be huge.

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