DIY Toilet Bombs

The way our washroom is set up, our toilet is between two walls.  This design is not conducive to airflow and thus our toilet area occasionally smells somewhat like an outhouse. To minimize this odor, I usually try to clean it with Comet every couple of days.

I have recently had to up my game. We tendered our 30-day notice to our landlord, which means our suite is being shown to prospective new tenants.  While we do have notice of a possible showing, we don’t always have breaks in our busy schedule to tackle the toilet issue.

It wasn’t until I was searching the web for something completely unrelated that I stumbled upon an article for DIY Toilet Bombs.  Well, I was pretty much sold on the name for nothing short of an implosion would fully disintegrate the odor-causing bacteria.  Or so I thought.

The first recipe I found was on the blog Maria’s Self and featured citric acid and she mentioned using a paper face mask.  It sounded a bit more serious than the quick fix I was searching for, but she does sell her creations online. Bonus for that!

However, I was looking for a quick and easy fix that utilized ingredients that I already have in the house.  There were several recipes that called for the same two ingredients — so I decided that the vinegar and baking soda route may be the way to go.

The vinegar kills bacteria and, since it is an acid, is super-powerful when it comes to eradicating mold, grease and dirt.  It’s eco-friendly and safe.  The baking soda is safe, non toxic and because of its mild alkali qualities dirt and grease are easily dissolved. Win-win!

Here’s all it takes:

1 cup vinegar1 cup baking soda
5 to 10 drops of essential oil (lemon, lavender . . . )

Where does the bomb come in? Glad you asked.  When baking soda and vinegar mix and mingle, there is a lot of foaming action.  This “explosion” is fun to watch, especially for the kiddos.

What to do:

Pour the vinegar into the toilet and let it hang out for a few minutes. Then, add the baking soda and essential oil and watch it fizz.  Once it is done fizzing, scrub down the bowl with a toilet brush and then let the mixture sit in the bowl for a bit before flushing.  El fin.

This powerful combination not only cleaned the toilet, but it eliminated the odor that seemed to cling to the toilet area of the bathroom.

The other bonus to using this route is that the two ingredients are usually in your cupboard — an can be used for a host of other cleaning chores.  Rather than spending money on a mono-use cleaners, like toilet cleanser, invest in some vinegar and baking soda for scrubbing sinks, bathtubs, toilets . . .