There’s No Place Like My Creative Space.

DorothyOne of my mother’s favourite stories to retell is the day my sister and I attempted to travel to Oz during a Colorado snow storm.

Growing up, I obsessed over the movie The Wizard of Oz. I would wait for that one special night a year when the movie would be featured on one of the local broadcasting stations, obviously before playback devices or Netflix. There was something about that ordinary girl from Kansas who got transported to a beautifully colored world only to learn how powerful she was all along.

Our hometown in the mountains of Colorado were not susceptible to tornadoes, so I had to make do with what major weather we did have – snow storms. Our one-storey house was built into a hill, that if you climbed up a few feet, one would have access to the flat roof. (Yeah, in Colorado.

It was the first of the season on this particular day, big white flurry flakes fluttered from the sky only to melt, disappear and blend in with the roof of our one storey home.

My sister and I waited for the temperatures dip enough that the snowflakes started to stick to the ground. It didn’t take long for the snowflakes to layer one top of one another, building up a soft pack.

The two of us bundled up in our winter clothes, grabbed a few brooms and headed for the roof. In our own little made up version, my little sister and I reenacted the swirling tornado by swirling around on the roof with broomsticks in the snow. The bigger the circle the better. We would throw our heads back to catch the flakes, laugh and try again.

Bigger. Bigger.

It didn’t work. My mom called us in to warm up for dinner.

I don’t know that we actually thought it would happen. It was about enacting one of my favourite films while tapping into my creative side. It was just fun to play in the fresh snow, swirling this way and that way. Making up a story and characters only the two of us can see.

There are days I feel bogged down in reality, structures, duties and have-tos. I crave the days where I can just abandon the mundane to just enjoy the world as it is around us with a hefty dose of imagination.

Instead of longing for the days of yore, perhaps it is up to me to find my new “roof” and “snow storm” to put my imagination to the test.  Transport myself to my own creative space — where I can let loose. At least until it is time to get warmed up for dinner.

There’s no place like my creative space.
There’s no place like my creative space.
There’s no place like my creative space.