Overcoming My Aversion to Salads

Salads, for a long time, were a necessary evil. The “have-to” chomp side dish that injected a healthy dose of vitamins into a meal. It was something to get through to get to the good (and usually cheese covered) stuff.

I believe my adult adversion to salads stemmed from my childhood experience with the dish.

My mother used salads as a way of cleaning out the fridge while upping our nutrient intake. Lettuce, ham, bacon bits, broccoli, cheese chunks, spanish olives, and whatever else looked like it would give it a flavour boost.

In short, she loaded it up.

I realize I was looking at it all wrong. It’s not “filler” if it’s loaded! And loaded . . . can be healthy.

It’s only been in the last couple of months that I have embraced the leafy dish with gusto. Spring mixes, herbs and leafy veggies have distinct flavours that meld together when piled high on a dinner plate. There’s a touch of sweetness and bitterness that create a taste explosion.

In addition, the greens are further enhanced with the toppings or additives. One of my favourite recipes incorporates snap peas and marinated beets (pickled) with tuna.

Loaded Tuna Salad - Summer Dishes Salads
Loaded Tuna Salad – Recipe from “So . . . Let’s Hang Out”

The BLT Breakfast Salad capitalizes on the flavour combination of warm bacon, soft boiled eggs and mixed greens. It is an easy salad (less than 20 minutes) that is both delish and filling.

BLt Breakfast salad

The Chicken Parm Salad uses pesto and lemon as a dressing tossed with greens, tomatoes and goat cheese for an Italian spin. Chicken tender strips drudged through breadcrumbs and baked add protein and flavour.

Chicken Parm Salad - Summer main Dishes

Do you have a favourite salad? How do you load up the flavour? Share your fav recipes with me! I’m looking for more!

— Weegee