Moving on Up in Toastmasters!

As a work from home blogger, I am not in a position where I need to make inspiring speeches to employees or persuasive ones to board of directors. I needed help ironing out the awkwardness in my everyday encounters. I needed help with overcoming the overwhelming feeling one gets while engaging in small talk or meeting strangers. I needed Toastmasters for everyday life and it has since become something I use everyday.

Focus More on Ingredients, Less on Directions

“Potatoes, mayo, eggs, onion, vinegar, pimentos, relish, celery, salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne.” My mother rattled off  the ingredient list for her mashed potato salad, a family favourite. “How much of each?” I was ready. Pen poised to scribble down the famous recipe. “Depends on you.” Wait. What? “Okay, so how do you…… Continue reading Focus More on Ingredients, Less on Directions