Spiced Pork Pie-lets

Cook's Country - TourtiereMike and I recently saw a promotional banner outside of a local meat shop, reminding passersby to reserve their holiday turkey.  Before you check the date of this post, I will confirm that it is going into Easter weekend.

At first we thought that perhaps it was just a generic banner that they could hang for any holiday or perhaps it just hasn’t been on an employees to-do list to take down since the end of the previous holiday season.

More than likely, I was our own holiday ruts that Mike and I was having a hard time looking past. I will admit, we get locked into traditions. Turkey for thanksgiving. Ham for Easter. Perhaps I wouldn’t hurt to think outside of the normal meal box.

According to Cook’s Country, “unless your ancestors were French Canadian, tourti√©re just may be the most delicious Christmas tradition you’ve never heard of.” Continue reading “Spiced Pork Pie-lets”