True Seattle Grit: Lessons from the Seahawks

On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks played a game that left viewers in awe of the team and inspired me.

While traveling from Portland, Oregon to our home in Canada, my husband and I tuned into the NFL matchup between the Seahawks and the Texans in Houston on ESPN 710AM Seattle. We joined the broadcast with eight minutes left in the third quarter and the ‘Hawks appeared to be done.

The score was 6 to 20 and the Seahawks appeared to be done.  According to ESPN 710AM’s website, the ‘Hawks “didn’t convert a third down until midway through the third quarter and allowed almost as many points in the first two periods as they had in the first three games combined.”And that’s when they made the most amazing comeback in the history of the team.

“The Seahawks weathered five sacks, scored 20 consecutive points and pulled off a 23-20 overtime victory in Houston that required a little good fortune and a whole lot of resolve from both their quarterback and their defense to improve to 4-0 for the first time in franchise history.” (ESPN 710AM’S website)

There are three things one could learn from the Seattle comeback and how they carry themselves on the field:


In a post-game interview, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll stated:

“That game was all about grit. You just had to keep hanging and just not let all of the things that had happened build up and stop you from believing, and just hanging tough and not accepting the fact that it was going be so hard and persevering. That’s exactly what that is.”

Finding success in your goals, business, creative ventures or life comes down to one key trait: never give up. Exercise your grit and continue working towards a goal no matter how hard it gets or long it takes. Grit is what will give you traction when you feel like you are slipping two steps back. It is what will motivate you to give it your all and give it one more try.

Believe In Yourself, Your Ability

“I think the biggest thing is that we believe in ourselves, we believe in our coaches, we believe in our fans all the time. We just believe in each other, all the time, no matter what the circumstances are.”  — Russell Wilson, Seahawks quarterback

Even down 14 points, the Seahawks knew they still stood a chance. They believed in their ability, the ability of their teammates and the decisions of those around them. Having a little bit of confidence will make the roadblock we occasionally stumble upon seem a bit more surmountable.  Think positive and practice positive self-talk.  The power to succeed is a little bit of mind over matter. Think you can — and you can.

Stay in the Moment, In the Now

In his post-game interview, quarterback Russell Wilson (#3) said that

“if we could just hang in there, if we could just play one play at a time, stay in the moment, just like we learned and talked to the guys about last year. Coach Carroll talked to the guys about it all last year, about when we played on the road and at home too, but ‘just play one play at a time. Just stay in the moment. Stay in the now.’”

Every time the offense lined up for first and 10, there object wasn’t to get a first down.  It was their goal to get a positive gain — even one yard. It was to stay in the moment and focus on taking baby steps down to the goal line. Stay in the now.

For the Seahawks, staying in the moment allowed them to be flexible with plays, change up as needed or new developments and take the ball and run with it when needed.

Stay in the moment. Stay in the now. Focus on where you want to go and adjust as you head to the goal line. Take baby steps towards positive gain and know that each play, day or item you can check off the list is creating a compound effect that will lead to an end zone celebration.