Thrift Store Find: Side Tables

On the way to the thrift store to work my volunteer shift, I had the nagging feeling something was missing. A quick glance into my passenger seat confirmed the presence of my purse, wallet and clearly I had my keys.

I looked down at the empty cup holders between the two front seats and realized I left my coffee cup somewhere back at the homestead.

The song playing on the radio during this episode? Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

True story.

Another true story is that I have been scouring the local buy and sell sites (like in the hopes of finding some side tables for our suite and living room use. A couple of little tables for coffee cups for those times when I am buried under a sleeping cat and the table is too far away for a caffeine fix.

I was working on organizing donated CDs when these two beauties walked in our sifting room door:

I was smitten at first glance.

I paid the cashier and transferred this lovely pieces into the backseat of my car.

I wasn’t going to forget about these.

Transformation coming soon!