Taking a Crack at Crackers

Cheez-It Cheese Crackers
Cheez-It Cheese Crackers

Cheez-Its. For those people who know about this scrumptious cheese cracker, you know there is nothing that compares to its salty, cheesy yummy crunchy goodness.

Sadly, this sultan of snacks isn’t available in Canada. A fact that didn’t stop me from consuming high quantities of Cheez-Its for I had a steady flow coming in from visiting friends and family.

I even had my husband pack light for stateside business meetings so he could grab a box or two before heading home.

I, however, had to cut myself off from my snack fav once I switched to a whole food/plant-based lifestyle. Reducing my consumption of processed foods meant crossing Cheez-Its off my eligible foods list.

It wasn’t just Cheez-Its but all crackers. Sigh. I thought my afternoon crunchy munchies were going to go unfulfilled.

And then I stumbled upon a vegan Cheez-It recipe.


Yeah, I know. I had to sit down and let my mind take it all in!

Homemade Vegan Cheez-It CrackersCheez-Its would now be available in my Canadian kitchen with little processing (and no single-use packaging).

But I’ve never made crackers. Bread, yes. Scones, all the time. But crackers?

Crackers intimidated me on several levels. Crackers have always seemed like this complex, super hard and not worth the effort food item. What if they don’t taste like cheesy salty yummy goodness? What if they don’t taste like crackers?

But they’re homemade Cheez-Its. I could make a batch every day. If only I make the first batch.

After a few days of mentally talking myself into baking something new, I stepped up to the oven and took a crack at making my own crackers.

I always saw baking as a “hopeful” actitivity. I mix ingredients together, put them into a container and pop it into heat with the “hope” that something yummy will emerge for my tummy.

When I popped the crackers into the oven, my fingers were crossed. There was a lot riding on 12 minutes in a 375 oven. I paced. I checked the progress through the window.

Homemade CrackersIn the end, we had a cracker that was pretty darn close to my original obsession. It was tasty, salty, crunchy and hit the cheesy goodness target dead-on.

But more than that, that first crack has inspired both my husband and I to try other crackers. We’ve made rye crackers with a sweet honey coat . . . and I continue to fill Tupperware containers with homemade Cheez-Its.

Inspiration can challenge us in unique ways. What I saw as a boundary was really the catalyst to a new area in our kitchen craft repitore.

Don’t be afraid to take a crack at something new.