Daughter-In-Law Fail Gets Delivered

“Did you put a stamp on it?” My husband Mike asked after the metal door on the post office drop box swung shut, swallowing our homemade card for his father.

“Is that important?” I asked and immediately realized that we had a problem.

It was the weekend before Father’s Day and the day my husband was headed to the airport to catch a flight to Paris. This meant I couldn’t just make a new card and have him sign it.

I went into the card shop that the mailbox is in front of and told my story of Father’s Day woe. She explained that it was operated by Canada Post and that she didn’t have a key.

“Well, they will send it back to us,” my husband said with a shrug.

But I wasn’t willing to accept that. Surely we can do something. This attitude is both my biggest asset . . . and my downfall. I think anything can be fixed. It just takes a bit of creativity.

I then asked her for a piece of paper and pen. I stapled a piece of stamp backing with the stamp onto the paper and scribbled a note to the mail carrier:

Daughter-In-Law Fail Gets Delivered

I shared my epic fail with friends on Facebook. Some pointed and laughed. Others said I needed to just make another card and write off the first one. Can’t be saved.

I wasn’t willing to give up. I had faith. All was not lost.

My husband, now in San Diego, dialed his parents on Father’s Day, but wasn’t able to connect with them between traveling and hotel room laundry duty.

The suspense was killing me. Did it make it? Was it just thrown away? Did Mike’s father not get a card at all?

I sent my husband a text Tuesday morning, urging him to contact his parents and to say “Happy Father’s Day” from me. Later that morning, I received an IM from his mother:

Just got off the phone with Mike. Didn’t know that getting John’s father’s day card last Saturday would be a big deal. So rest assured that your dropping a stamp with a note worked. The staff may have had a giggle or two, but they did take the time to find the card and attach the stamp.

Lesson learned: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Don’t give up hope when faced with the hopeless situation.