Painting Sticks: DIY Natural Home Decor

It had been a long week where I felt like every project’s status was “In progress,” but that nothing had been completed or scratched off a long to-do list.  So, I decided I was going to get one thing done. I painted sticks.

Painted Sticks DIY Home Decor

Mother Nature has decided to flex her creative juices with the turning of the leaves. While cleaning up the debris from her art project, I stumbled across a wide range of sticks and bamboo in the yard that I set aside for a “someday” home decor project. That some day was today.

Home Decor Painted STicksI rinsed off the sticks and let them dry completely before adding a few coats of milk paint I had from other “in progress” projects. Honestly, any leftover paint in your craft room will do the trick. Taking my cue from Mother Nature, I focused on autumn tones (brown, orange, green). Not only is this a project a can be completed in one day, but painting is a relaxing activity to me.

DIY Easy Home Decor ProjectThe result was a home decor project that added a bit of outdoor flair to the home, didn’t cost a thing and revitalized my spirits.

Painted Sticks Home Decoration