Refashion Your Clothes to Rebuild Body Confidence

Deconstruct Clothes to Build Up Confidence“Eh, it’s clothes.”

“They cover the important bits.”

“They’re comfortable.”

“I have nothing else to wear.”

I pull items out of my closet that I don’t like or makes me feel uncomfortable. I have several items that do anything but flatter my physique. I have items that don’t sit right on my wide shoulders or the cut lays awkwardly in a bunch around the hip area. Worse? I wear these garments once a week.

Anyone in the same boat? Do you find yourself wearing something you don’t feel stellar in? Something that actually erodes your self-esteem?

I always chalked it up to the misconception that I was just awkward. Too tall. Too big in the hips area. I was okay with clothes not fitting well because . . . well, they weren’t made for me. It was a fact of life. It is a problem everyone woman suffers through. We purchase the clothes that come the closest to fitting us.

Or so I thought.

Tackling My Fears of Cutting ClothesIt wasn’t until a friend of mine taught me a few clothes deconstruction basics that I was able to start rebuilding my body confidence.

I recently took a class at the Arts Building in Lower Gibsons (Sunshine Coast) taught by Sandy Buck, a creative and wildly talented woman with over a decade of experience making costumes out of nothing for film and theatre. Her class centered around the idea that we can make stuff that we WANT TO WEAR with just a few snips here and a bit of stitching there. We can change our closets to better suit us, our lifestyles . . . wait for it . . . and our bodies.

Hmmm. Sounds easy.

20160211_180856I have to admit that I packed a healthy dose of clothing deconstruction fears along with my sewing basket for the three hour class. Destroying a perfectly good top or pair of pants bothered me. (Read: FREAKED ME OUT!) Perhaps it was the thought that I couldn’t make something out of the cut scraps. That I ruined something perfectly good for nothing.

It wasn’t until I stood scissors in one hand and a shimmery orange shirt in the other that I realized my fear of deconstructing clothes was a bit ridiculous. The garment wasn’t “perfectly good.” In fact, it drained confidence out of my step when I caught a glance at my reflected image in a window or mirror. I liked the shimmer. I hated how it made me feel.

20160211_190104The first snip felt like I had just done something bad. The feeling you get when you raid the cookie jar 27 minutes before dinner. You know you shouldn’t but, deep down, you are so happy you did.

With every snip, I felt like I was taking something back. Something that was mine to own. I was empowering myself. I was going to win the battle of the closet. My clothes were not going to drain my confidence. Self worth. Not anymore.

Within a few moments, I had deconstructed the shirt. And it felt amazing.

Over the next couple of hours, I created a few custom additions for a shirt. The white and orange top tended to gather around the hips area. Plus, it had a habit of displaying my biceps in a not-so-flattering way.

Thus, I added a bit of silk fabric courtesy of an ill-fitting slip for the arms. To tackle the hip area, I added that orange shimmer from the other top to add flair. My own adult tu-tu.

The best three hour class ever.

The lesson learned here is that if something isn’t working, it is within your power to change it. A few snips here. A few stitches here. You have the choice to empower yourself . . .


Check out the Arts for other creative classes on the Sunshine Coast!