Eggnog Opportunity

“We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.” Anonymous

Avalon Milk Bottles - Avalon Dairy‘Tis the season when cartons and containers with eggnog start crowding the dairy case.  It was an incredible twist of fate that Mike and I ended up with a liter of the holiday beverage in our fridge.

The Avalon Dairy milk we purchase from the local grocery store on a bi-weekly is sold in a glass, refundable bottle. In fact, the dairy continues to deliver their classic glass bottles to people’s door in many parts of BC.

Upon our next visit, Mike and I return the bottles to the store. The bottles are then cleaned, sterilized and reused.  To make this easier, the bottles don’t have the type of milk or dairy product written on the front. In fact ,the only way to tell what you are purchasing is by reading the sticker on the plastic lid.  

I failed to double-check the sticker at the grocery store and I didn’t realize the mistake until breakfast the following morning when Mike pointed out that I had not picked up 1% milk but eggnog. The two of us are fond of eggnog but usually one very small glass will satisfy that craving for the entire holiday season. So, what were the two of us to do with a liter of it?  

That’s when inspiration hit. There has to be other uses for eggnog that goes beyond the holiday mug, right? After a bit of research I hit upon a recipe for Dark Chocolate Chunk Eggnog Cookies from the Brown Eyed Baker blog.

Eggnog Cookies - Brown Eyed BakerAll in all, it was a good find in the recipe department. The cookie dough tastes overwhelmingly like eggnog; however, the flavor does tone down during the baking process to more of a rich chocolate chip cookie. The depth of eggnog taste may vary based upon brand. Also, if you try the recipe, don’t be alarmed when they emerge from the oven a bit pale.  

The biggest takeaway here is that there can be new life in leftovers and opportunities in misbuys from the grocery store.  Take a few moments to scan the Internet or tap into your inner chef before heading back to the store to exchange the product.  You may be surprised by what you cook up!