Texas Sheet Cake: The LBD of Chocolate Cakes

“What’s Texas cake?”  Mike asked, as he read the picnic list off the promotional flyer I was making for his Uncle Lynn’s RC flyer poker run.

That little question was all it took. Mike hurried back to his side of our office to research this unknown dessert item.

“So, it’s not exactly a chocolate cake and not a brownie but more like a fluffy, chocolatey hybrid.”  That sounds like us. Neither one of us are particularly fond of cake, but we dig brownies.

According to Relish.com,”Texas sheet cake is very closely related to German Sweet Chocolate Cake, so close that with your eyes closed, it could be a bit of a push to tell the difference.”

SheetCake1Often referred to as Texas Sheet Cake, Texas Brownie Cake, Texas Brownies, Texas Ranch Cake, Texas Sheath Cake, the dessert has stumped many food historians as to the origin of the name. Perhaps, in this case, it isn’t the name that is important but rather how good it tastes.

While we crave chocolate chip cookies, brownies and the occasional coffee cake, we find that it is best for us to divide recipes in half. This saves us from 1) eating a huge batch of goodies before they go stale and 2) saves us the calories of eating a huge batch of goodies — regardless if they are stale or not.

TexasSheetCAkeThe other change we made to the recipe was using 2% plain yogurt in place of buttermilk. In the past, we have skipped over recipes that call for buttermilk. We just don’t cook often enough with it and it just sits in our fridge until it goes bad or can crawl out on its own. The yogurt adds the “tang” without the pressure to find another few recipes that call for buttermilk.

As to the taste, absolutely sinful. Strangely, the rich flavor of this cake comes out once it has cooled completely, read: overnight.

Good luck and enjoy!