Parlez-Vous Francais? Or . . . Learning French is How I Prepare to Travel

Some people buy a new suitcase or another lens for their camera. Others may map out a rigorous itinerary that includes both city highlights and out-of-the-way adventures.

However, when I plan to travel, I learn a language.

As part of our reward for hunkering down and social distancing, my hubby and I have (hopefully, fingers-crossed) plans to travel to Switzerland in the fall with a brief stay in France (depending on numbers, variants and the usual COVID hiccups). In preparation for our trip, I have started learning French online.

Every day, I pick up my tablet and spend about twenty to thirty minutes learning a foreign language. In fact, I could probably have a back and forth conversation with a five-year-old child from France. Which is a lot further than I was just six months ago.

But it is more than being able to communicate in the language of the country. Taking the time every day to work through grammar and vocab, feels like I am taking baby steps toward our trip. It adds to the excitement and the anticipation of our upcoming adventure.

And that’s really why we start mapping, researching, purchasing matching luggage or learning a language. It is to feed the excitement and tap into the thrill of traveling. Preparing for the adventure. Or at least feeling like you are prepared for it.

How do you prepare for adventure? Tap into the anticipation?

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