Making Burgers a Smashing Success

Want a five-star, mouth-watering burger at home? Smash it. It’s an easy way to make a crispy, juicy and amazing burger in your own home.

I’m on my forty-third trip around the sun and I am only just now starting to figure out the simple things – like how to brown hamburger.

If it means getting it to that grey colour where you can add taco seasoning or marinara sauce, that is merely called cooked. It’s not browning.

Browning means letting the meat sizzle in it’s own juice until you start getting the crunchy bits. It means letting it darken to a rich brown colour that boosts a carmelized flavour and aroma. It means taking your time, not stirring often, to let the meat shine. It means. leaving it alone to work its magic.

How does this translate to burgers? Smashingly.

To be more specific, smashing your burgers on a hot grill will flatten them enough to allow them develop the caramelization and crunchy bits. And it is as easy as it sounds. It also works with Beyond Meat (ground).

  1. Make two – 3 oz balls of meat for each burger. It’s a double but only brings the meat content to 6oz.
  2. Heat grill, griddle or frying pan.
  3. But meat on the grill and smash it flat (use a meat iron or even parchment paper and the bottom of a cooking pan)
  4. Flip once.
  5. Bon appetite.

As demonstrated here by my lovely husband:

Bring the fine art of amazing burgers into your home or backyard!

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