A Lesson in Mindfulness, Courtesy of My Hand Blender

This post may be short and sweet for my usual mad skills at typing has been greatly reduced due to a hand blender mishap.

Long gory story short, my left index finger touched the area of the small home appliance you should never touch while the index finger of my other hand was on the pulse button. Within a few nanoseconds, the pad of my finger was minced and my nail cut through.

Our kitchen, hallway and bathroom looked like a crime scene. The husband was unhappy. The cat went into hiding under the bed. Needless to say, it didn’t make my 10 ten things to do on a Thursday night either.

When the incident occurred, I was making a royal sauce for an Indian tofu dish and had just put naan in the oven on a pizza stone. I was watching the tofu as it crisped up in a pan of hot oil . . . and blending the sauce. During the down moments, I was washing dishes and listening to French Cafe on Spotify.

After three days

See the problem?

My mind was pretty much working so far ahead, it wasn’t focused on basic safety awareness. Like don’t touch the blade of the hand blender. EVER.

However, a week later, my finger is smothered in triple-anti-bacterial gel and heavily wrapped. In fact, I had a self-made foam finger for the Super Bowl.

I continue to learn the lesson of mindfulness. While cooking, I am only cooking. I am unable to do dishes and watch the stove. This is mainly due to the extra-large pink Rubbermaid glove I have to put on to keep my foam finger dry. It’s an art to put on and take off – so no multi-tasking.

Typing has also taken on a particularly exhausting procedure. Most of the words you have read had to be re-typed seven times. Every time I hit the letter R, the letters E, F, T also appear.

We’ll add patience as something I am currently working on, too.

The art of slowing down and living in the present was something I thought I had down, coming from a year of semi-lockdown life with COVID. That is not the case and this grasshopper with a giant foam-covered finger has a lot to learn.

PS – Please excuse all typos. You know the story.

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