The Best Diet I Have Ever Been On

I’ve been on a lot of diets. Ones where I cut out sugar. Ones where I have eliminated carbs. Fat-free. Meal replacement. Counting points.

But the best diet I have ever been on wasn’t even related to food.

I have cut news, online and television, out of my daily intake.

Best thing I have ever done.

We are what we consume. Yes, this includes food, but also what we read, watch and listen to on a daily basis. It slowly becomes the words, mantras and catch phrases that leak into our conversations at the dinner table or over the fence with neighbours.

News is meant to be sexy. It’s meant to pull you in by engaging your emotions – more often than not your rage. It plays upon the fears.

The more distant the news source (international and national), the more it focuses on the sensational stories that shock and awe. The local town paper usually covers the pancake feeds, the upcoming school board elections and controversy over the new bike lane. Not exciting — but most of our day to days aren’t. They don’t need to be drama filled to be fulfilling.

Truth of it is, the news that directly impacts us can be summed up in a few minutes. Its the content that compels you to make a donation to the local food bank, volunteer for the upcoming foot race or avoid the street under construction.

If it doesn’t compel you to action and only ticks you off, its not news. It’s just meant to fire you up and keep you coming back for more.

In the world of news, the closer to home the better the info and more well-rounded the content. It’s not just doom scrolling but a bit of sunshine about your community.

“You have to stay in the know.” Some have pointed out that burying my head in the sand and keeping out of the loop is not the best course of action. To me, that’s a story being fed to you by the news. Look at the story we tell ourselves to continue flipping on the nightly news.

You can stay informed, without being in the news loop.

Give it a whirl. Reduce your daily news intake and see how you feel. You may start to notice that it wasn’t something you relished in the first place.

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