Life Lessons

NFL: Together When Apart

COVID-19 has presented us with an incredible challenge – how to stay connected while apart. It’s a challenge my family and I conquered long ago.

The one thing that unites us from afar – NFL.

The National Football League has a way of pulling my family together, despite the distance or rivalries – and this has happened for DECADES.

Each member on my daddy’s side has a different team they love to root for on Thursday night, Sunday or Monday. Here’s the team breakdown:

·         My grandmother and Uncle in North Carolina follow the Carolina Panthers & Denver Broncos

·         My mom in Salem, Oregon adores the Denver Broncos, Philly Eagles

·         My husband and I on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada are into the Seattle Seahawks (and I am partial to Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders)

So, you can see where the division happens when one of our fav teams is paired with the team of another member (particularly Panthers and Seattle or Broncos and Raiders).  In fact, the Bronco fans in the family have not forgiven me for Seattle’s win in Super Bowl XLVIII.

When COVID-19 lockdown started in March, there was a moment of panic for my family. Would the NFL play this year? The televised sport helps us connect at least one day (if not three) a week to trash talk, check in and rally. It is the common ground between us – even though we are separated by time zones and an international border.

I am thrilled that the NFL is back on. Yes, its weird not seeing the crazy shenanigans of the fans (especially the Black Hole of the Raiders or the Hawks Nest of Seattle). Yes, its weird to have previous games cheers piped in to fill the audio gap. Its weird to watch the elbow bumps at the end of the game between the masked sides.

However, this socially distanced version of America’s favourite pastime is what brings my family together.

And I’m glad it is back.

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