Celebrating Anniversaries During COVID-19

We would have traveled to Seattle to watch an MLB game, sample some hoppy brews and walked around one of our favourite cities.

Or perhaps we would have taken the ferry to Powell River to explore hiking trails and amazing eats in our extended backyard on the Sunshine Coast.

Our anniversary weekend is about breaking a bit of the routine, basking in the warmer temperatures of spring and getting away from the chore list at home.

But for the first time in seven years of marriage, we celebrated our anniversary at home.

It would be easy to delay the celebration. It would be easy to add it to the list of things we want to do once the national travel restrictions and personal self-isolation comes to an end.

But it would also get lost in post-COVID-19 world. It would get lost in what will be the new normalcy. It would be lost as something special just for the two of us.

My husband and I blocked off our day and set the “out of home office” responder for work emails; taking the day off from chores and to-do lists.


Our wedding in 2013 was a morning wedding with a pancake feed reception. To bring that beautiful moment back to life, I rose early to create a bistro table for two for our pancake breakfast.

We went for long walks through our hometown of Gibsons and hung out on the patio of Chateau Sachtjen, the name we gave to change up our own home.

The two of us ordered takeout pizza from a local restaurant and put it on plates to dress up our fancy dinner in. We topped it off with homemade vegan cupcakes with ganache (which we made into truffles with the leftovers!).


Celebrations don’t have to be big parties, involve travel or the purchase of lavish gifts. Sometimes the best way to make a day special is to spend time with one another, with the person close enough to you that you are self-isolating with them. Shake up the routine. Do something new.

Celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries as they happen.

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