Step Into Conversations

Don’t think of it as standing up for yourself but rather stepping into the conversation.

Catherine Leach, Director of Sunshine Coast Community Services

The communication trend of today is to explain, give reasons and be right. We seek to defend our choices and pathway rather than stop and listen to others or different ways. Disagreements in views, opinions or beliefs are dividing lines and the grounds for unfriending.

What if our differences in opinions, beliefs, and facts weren’t an act of war but an olive branch to better understand?

I overheard the director of a non-profit organization put this idea succinctly, “Don’t think of it as standing up for yourself but rather stepping into the conversation.”

Instead of being defensive of our stance, why don’t we see opposition or differences as an invitation to engage in a discussion? An open, vulnerable discussion is how two people can start to understand the other point of view and tear down the walls between them.

Even the idea of stepping forward rather than standing shows movement, or growth.

What conversations can you step into to further your understanding rather than defaulting to defensiveness?

One thought on “Step Into Conversations

  1. Yes! What a great way to approach an idea that’s different from yours. Listen, talk, and learn.

    How wonderful that we see and experience the world differently than others, how boring would it be if we all agreed and thought the same thing, not to mention how little we would improve as a group?

    Thanks for the great post!


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