Thrift Store Finds: Ripen Avocados with Old Wool Socks

Use Wool Socks to Ripen Hard Avocados

Thrift stores receive several donations of wool socks every year in the fall.

People start to pull out and sort through the plastic bins of their winter wear and woolen socks don’t make the cut. The socks may have a small hole in the toe or maybe they have moved and the temperatures don’t dip as far below zero.

But there is a secret use for those wool socks — avocados. 

My husband and I eat about seven avocados a week — on toast, with homemade food truck tacos or as a topping on baked potatoes. It’s a staple in our vegan-ish diet. 

But they aren’t always eat ready when we purchase them in the grocery store in the small Canadian town we call paradise. That’s where the sock comes in. Putting hard avocados into a wool sock helps them ripen evenly. Some people put one avocado per sock — but we will put three or four into the woolen thigh-high with no problems.

Best part? Wool socks can be purchased for as little as $1 a pair at local thrift stores. 

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