Taking Out the Quarterback of Criticism

“Let’s say, you are working on a project. You nail it. You have done everything asked of you. But, upon review, you are told that it needs some adjustments. Changes are needed.

“How do you handle this response?”

This was the question during a recent job interview. It was a flowery way of asking how I take criticism or handle change of plans. As they waited for the answer, I could see how this job interview was going to end and hear the toilet flushing on this dream job.

Between you and me, the honest answer to their question is “not well.”

At all.

My first reaction to hearing something I don’t like is to go on the defensive. I aim to take out the quarterback throwing feedback in my general direction. Out for blood and no less, is my motto.

Wait. Scratch that. Was my motto. Was.

Yes, like a mother bear, I want to protect my little creation. I want to highlight the benefits and shine a spotlight on why my idea, project, scone is the best.

But I also know that other people’s feedback is how we grow. As people. As partners. As public speakers. As cookie makers.

I want to tell you why I think it works — but I want to hear from you how it could be better. I want to see it through your eyes — and add my expertise.

Teamwork. Without the shoulder pads.

It’s my new motto. Needs a bit of work, granted — but it has potential.

(PS — I did get the job. Woohoo!)

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