Get Inspired By The Same Routine With a Twist

Most of us turn off the alarm on our mobile device and jump into our routine without much of a second thought. We rinse, lather and repeat if necessary with half-closed eyes and have long-since stopped noticing the slight citrus smell of our facial soap.

These morning routines, as Scott H. Young recently blogged, “by making your triggers, schedule and internal rules of thumb consistent, you reduce the mental overhead to get those actions done. The consistent rhythm of your behavior makes continuing that pattern easier.”  In short, they help sculpt and mold a highly productive life because they eliminate the cost of launching into action.  There’s no decision making going on that slowly pulls from your energy or will power.  It’s routine. It’s habit.

It also, in my opinion, takes the HD experience out of life’s moments.  We are disengaging from our world to be more productive while I think we need to reengage to tap into our inner creative genius in order to produce.  It’s not enough to go through the motions as a way of lifehacking.  In order to innovate or find inspiration in the world around us — we have to be in the moment.

In the July 2013 issue of Success, writer Melissa Balmain wrote about how through”sheer willpower and caffeine, I try to notice the same sort of things during our staycation as I would in a new city or country.” She was making the best of her time off at home rather than dwelling on lack of funds or time for a trip to Tuscany.

But she makes a few excellent points.  It is how we see the world that can give us energy but also spark the passion within.  It’s by taking the time to smell the soap, listen to the “rich timbre, like that of a monk chanting in a cathedral,” also known as our husband singing in the shower or savoring the bitter, rich and exotic coffee from the patio balcony.

Getting more done in life doesn’t always equal getting more out of life.  Stop and smell the soap.


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